Recruiting a Worker

Once a business has successfully entered into a labour agreement with the Australian Government it can then recruit overseas worker/s.

Each worker must be provided with a Settlement Support Package before the worker lodges their visa application.

The employer / sponsor is responsible for ensuring the worker has received the Settlement Support Package.

Settlement Support Packages are also available from all three councils. Read our Settlement Guide for more info.

Nominate the worker

Once you have identified the overseas worker/s to be recruited and they have satisfied the Skills Assessment Test, the business then submits nomination application/s to the Australian Government.

Nominations are completed online.

  1.   Log in or create an ImmiAccount.
  2.   Attach documents.
  3.   Pay the nomination application fee and Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy. The application will not be processed until you pay the fee.

If the Department of Home Affairs approves your nomination, it will send you a letter containing your nomination approval number. If it is not approved, it will send you a letter stating:

  •   Why your nomination was refused.
  •   Your rights (if any) to a merits review of the decision and relevant time limits.

Once the nomination is approved the overseas worker can then apply for a visa.

Refer to the Department of Home affairs website for details on the visa application process.