Skills Assessment

Visa applicants or their appointed representatives are responsible for having their skills assessed, as required, by a designated skills assessing authority. The downloadable table lists the skills assessing authorities for each occupation under the GV DAMA.

It is not the responsibility of the GV DAR to certify the skills or experience of any visa applicant under the DAMA program. Applicants or their appointed representative must deal directly with the relevant skills assessing authority and not the DAR for skills assessment certification.

Skills Assessing Authorities

Further information for occupations with no skills and experience concessions which are normally available through the skilled migration program skills is available at the link below.

VETASSESS (Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services) is the Skills Assessing Authority for the specified occupations. Information on the VETASSESS skills assessment process can be obtained from the VETASSESS website below.

For meat industry occupations, a skills assessment can also be obtained from MINTRAC (National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited). Details on MINTRAC registered Overseas Skilled Meat Worker Assessors can be downloaded from the MINTRAC website below.