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The GV DAMA is an employer-sponsored visa program that utilises multiple visa options, including the subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS), subclass 186 Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) and subclass 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional).

Step 1 – Seek endorsement for one or more occupations/positions

Employers need to be endorsed by the Designated Area Representative (DAR).

The GV DAMA DAR is Greater Shepparton City Council.

The request can be made for a single occupation/position or multiple occupations/positions.

A request for endorsement is assessed in 7-10 business days if and the application is clear and complete.

Incomplete applications will take longer to process. An endorsement fee applies per position sought.

For details regarding how to request endorsement and the endorsement fee, please download the Request Endorsement Application Form below.

Step 2 – Request Labour Agreement (valid for 5 years)

Once endorsed, the employer is then able to submit an online request for GV DAMA Labour Agreement through the Department of Home Affairs’ ImmiAccount system.

The Labour Agreement will stipulate the number of approved occupations and positions, as well as the GV DAMA concessions to standard skilled migration criteria.

The Labour Agreement is valid for up to five years and can be varied during its lifetime based on the business needs, such as to have further occupations or positions added. There are no government fees to request a Labour Agreement.

When endorsing an employers the DAR provides the employer a guide on how to submit a GV DAMA Labour Agreement request in ImmiAccount.

Note that Steps 1 and 2 above relate only to the business need for the occupation/s and position/s being sought. Prospective overseas worker/s may or may not have been identified at these steps.

The following two steps relate to the individual overseas worker/s.

Step 3 – Nominate individual overseas worker/s

Employers can then nominate overseas workers up to the occupations/position number limits specified in their labour agreement, with access to the GV DAMA concessions endorsed by the DAR.

Nominations are made under the Labour Agreement Stream that links with the concessions in the employer Labour Agreement.

The overseas worker’s immediate family may be included in the nomination.

The nomination incurs the standard government charges associated with the applicable visas and the Labour Agreement Stream.

Step 4 – Overseas worker/s apply for visa

Once a nomination is approved the overseas worker can apply for their visa.

The TSS temporary visa is valid for up to four years. Once the overseas worker has been employed on a TSS visa under the GV DAMA for at least three years, they may have access to a permanent (ENS subclass 186) visa.

The SESR visa is a provisional visa valid for five years that provides a pathway to a permanent visa after three years through the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa (subclass 191). This visa is outside of the Labour Agreement.


The following diagram summarises the above four steps and the parties responsible for each.

Subsequent year endorsement process

Endorsement to access the Goulburn Valley Designated Area Migration Agreement (GV DAMA) is for up to five years. Initial allocation of occupation types and number of vacancies are for the first year only. Businesses seeking to access new overseas workers will need to apply to the GV DAMA Designated Area Representative each subsequent year for endorsement for further occupations, worker nominations or other variations to their labour agreement.

Documents required for additional numbers, concessions and occupations in subsequent years.

Your business needs to apply to the GV DAMA Designated Area Representative for subsequent year endorsement. Fill the ‘Request for Endorsement Subsequent Year – Deed of Variation’ form and submit with the supporting documentation in the checklist.


Submit your request for endorsement form and supporting documentation, in hardcopy, to:  

GV DAMA Designated Area Representative
Greater Shepparton City Council
90 Welsford Street
Shepparton  VIC  3630

If your Request for endorsement is approved by the Designated Area Representative (DAR), a letter of endorsement and copies of the supporting documents will be sent to the Australian Government and your business.

The DAR will specify in the attachment to the endorsement letter, the occupation/s, maximum number of approved nominations, the salary concession type (if any) and English language concession (if any) applicable to each endorsed occupation.

If an employer is endorsed, the DAR will provide a letter of endorsement to the employer and the Department of Home Affairs.

The endorsed employer may then apply for a DAMA labour agreement using the department’s online lodgement portal, ImmiAccount.

The employer needs to attach supporting documents (including the letter of endorsement) during the application process.

An information guide on labour agreements is available on the Department of Home Affairs website.