Why Skilled Workers Are Flocking to the Goulburn Valley

24 June 2022

For most Victorians, the Goulburn Valley conjures pictures of rolling hills, orchards, wineries, picturesque rivers, and the quiet country lifestyle many people dream about.

That’s why getting involved in an employer sponsorship program has become popular with skilled migrants, as there’s sure to be a job on offer through the Goulburn Valley’s Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA).

Whether they’re moving here permanently or they’re a travelling backpacker looking to take it slow for a while, the Goulburn Valley has become a popular destination for these workers. 

This presents a golden opportunity for employers in the Goulburn Valley to get endorsed under the DAMA and attract more skilled workers than ever before. 

In this blog, we discuss how the DAMA can help in attracting staff and why you should get the application process moving as soon as possible.

Streamlined Visa Sponsorship

As the Australian labour market struggles through the COVID-age of skilled labour shortages, the DAMA was designed to make it easier for employers to attract skilled workers. 

The reason it’s easier for them is because workers will receive a visa sponsorship from their employer and this is a vital selling point for any backpacker or skilled migrant. 

If you’re a Goulburn Valley business that’s been struggling to attract local workers, it might be a good idea to widen your talent pool and request endorsement by the Designated Area Representative (DAR).

Wide Range of Employment Opportunities

The DAMA outlines 56 separate occupations that make an employer eligible for endorsement and there’s sure to be something on offer to satisfy even the pickiest of overseas talent.

These are organised into 5 levels which indicate what kind of skills assessment will be necessary for the worker to be accepted by the employer. 

For example, an accountant (level 1) must satisfy the skills assessment under the TSS, SESR and ENS visa programs to be accepted, while a fruit picker or meat packer (level 5) will have a separate set of requirements. 

Consult our FAQ page to know more about these requirements, or get in touch via our website. 

A Place to Stay & Play

Under the DAMA, endorsed businesses have a responsibility to ensure workers have received the Settlement Support Package. This provides another selling point to attract skilled workers as life outside of work is obviously another key factor for migrants deciding where to settle. 

The Goulburn Valley is a naturally beautiful place to do so and can provide a much-needed escape from urban living for many travellers. 

For those workers looking to further their education while they work part-time in the Goulburn Valley, the State Government has initiated several programs to improve the local TAFE affordability and facilities. Highlighting this in any job advertisements could help businesses to attract even more applicants. 

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