Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)

13 July 2023

From 1st July 2023 the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) has been increased to $70,000.

Concessions to TSMIT are available for employers for the eligible occupations listed in the GV DAMA Table of Approved Occupations. There must be a strong business case provided to support a TSMIT concession.

For the concessional occupations, an employer must provide the overseas worker with an amount of annual earnings which is equal to or greater than both the Annual Market Salary Rate* and reduced TSMIT**.

* ‘Annual Market Salary Rate’ has the same meaning as in the Migration Regulations. It is determined in accordance with the method for determining the Annual Market Salary Rate for an occupation nominated under section 140GB of the Migration Act or an occupation in relation to which a position is nominated under regulation 5.19 of the Migration Regulations.

** ‘Reduced TSMIT’ means 90% of TSMIT.

Skill shortage solution

Did you know the Goulburn Valley Designated Area Migration Agreement (GV DAMA) is a skilled migration program that is tailored to the needs of the GV Region?

The GV DAMA enables employers in the GV, who are unable to recruit appropriately qualified Australians, to supplement their workforce with overseas workers.

The overseas Worker may be nominated for a SESR (Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional, subclass 494) or ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme, subclass 186), if, at the time of the Approved Sponsor’s Nomination, they have not turned: 55 years of age. ENS eligibility requires at least 3 years on TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage, subclass 482).

Employers in the GV region are invited make an appointment with the GV DAMA Coordinator to learn about the DAMA process and eligibility.